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There's more to the story than what you see.

The simplicity of the artwork currently on exhibit at refusalon gallery is deceptive. Renee Shearer's "Leave to Memory," for instance, isn't a random stack of books selected for size, title or color; it's the product of the artists's request that friends loan her what they were currently reading. Once you know that, scouring the stack for titles and topics becomes a revealing look at the artist's choice of friends. The concept for refusalon's 1:1 was to see what would develop when artists were invited to bring other artists into the show. Shearer's response was is just one example of the result. But what's more appealing is learning how each piece in the show was made. Paul Bridenbaugh's "Psuedogroup" is made of numerous freeway sound barrier photos taken while driving around with a camera bolted into the back of his VW Golf. Charles Linder made "corner remover #3" by turning his bicycle upside down and splashing ink off a spinning tire. Andrew Bennett added a soundscape to a videotape of wax melting (no joke, it really is interesting). There are numerous pleasures in this show and to say too much might spoil your surprise. Visit when you have plenty of time and talk with the gallery director, Shmulik Krampf, who will graciously tell you the story behind each piece. And for a special treat on Saturday, Aug. 27, the title subject of Jason Byers' performance piece, "1961 Airstream," that is otherwise recorded for the exhibit in a photo, will be parked outside on Hawthorne Street.

-- Karen Hildebrand